History of Golf

There are different versions on how golf originated. It is said to have originated from Netherlands, the Romans who played a game with bent stick and a leather ball stiffed with feathers, it is also traced back to France, Belgium and England. But golf seemed to be most popular in Scotland in the 14th century, the game was so popular that it was banned so that people would not waste their time and instead practice archery as required by the military.

In the 16th century King James of Scotland took up the game and then Golf was taken to France by his granddaughter Mary who played the game. She had men attend on her during the game who were called cadets and the term then developed into caddie as it is called today. The first golf association was formed in Scotland in the 18th century; this association set the first rules for the game. The society of St Andrew golfers set standards like the 18 holes for the game.

The oldest golf club in the United States started in Vermont, Pennsylvania and New York in 1880. At the time the gutta percha ball replaced the feather stuffed ball which had always been used which later was replaced by a ball with a rubber core in 1898 which is still in use today. The PGA (Professional Golfer’s Association of America) is the governing body for golf in the United States and it was established in 1916. It conducts various golf tournaments. The U.S. Open is a very important tournament for professional golf players. One of the well known Golf players of our times is undoubtedly Tiger Woods. Golf associations are not limited to men; the Ladies Professional Golf Association conducts tournaments for professional women golfers and also represents teaching professionals and women club members.

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