History of Football

Football (American Football) started in the eighteen century and has its origins in the English game of Rugby and Soccer. The first football game was played between the universities of Princeton and Rutgers in 1869 and at that time each team had 25 players.

By 1880 Walter Camp who was a coach at Yale University reduced the number of players to 11 and came up with the quarterback position and the system of downs. Football played at that time was extremely brutal and violent often leading into injuries and even death. This led to the game being banned by many colleges and it looked liked a start for the demise of the game. President Theodore Roosevelt urged Harvard, Princeton and Yale to revive the game and at a meeting of these schools and sixty others the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) was formed. The rules of the game were derived from the NCAA guidelines.

The first professional football game was played between two teams from Pennsylvania and gradually many professional teams were formed which led to the formation of the American Football Professional association in 1920. The NFL was formed when the American Professional Football Association was reorganized in 1922. With the formation of the NFL the rules of the game were changed and the rules of professional football were derived from the NFL.

The game of football is a national pastime in the United States and it has come a long way since it was once played. At the end of each season the Super Bowl is played to determine a national champion. The Super Bowl is one of the most watched events in the United States and has been commercialized to an extent with commercials footing a part of the bill and entertainment ranging from artist performances to college bands.

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